Chenille is a recognizable, unique embroidery technique, Which is simple clear shape. It is often combined with regular embroidery for decorated apparel, such as sportswear and sweatshirt as accessories.

The silicon print patch is made of screen printed thermoformed silicon. The 3D silicon patch allows to produce qualitative thinness. It can be a glossy or matt finish.

Sublimation is a digitally printed method of decoration, it can create photo quality prints which can then be transferred to an emblem. It is a great option for hats, for backpacks and jackets, for anything that needs a logo or decoration

Silkscreen printing is durable and very long-lasting. They can withstand thousands of washes and the apparels that you customize with silkscreen printing can last for many years.

High frequency is one of the techniques that the market demands the most to manufacture in certain aspect. It allows us to make embossed ornaments / accessories and totally customised shapes, depending on the style.

Be seen at night with reflective patches, they can be sewn on, as well as ironed on. They work by reflecting the light that hits it.

With different techniques combined in one patch, eg sublimation print + silicon print , sublimation print + silicon gel print with laser cut , multi – color silicon print patch with heat seal backing.

Embossed labels are widely used in fashion promotion products, and this technique is the most popular technology. It is the most durable technique.